In 1958 six members of the surrounding community founded an organization whose sole purpose was to give back to the youth of the area. They emphasized good character, encouraged strong leadership and aimed to strengthen family unity. Thus, The Baldwin Hills Youth Football Association (BHYFA) was formed leaning on the philosophy of teaching football with a purpose.
Over the years the BHYFA has amassed multiple accolades ranging from local division titles to three national championships. Our cheer leading program has also been awarded first place and many other awards in both drill team and cheer leading competitions.
The BHYFA is and has been a staple of the Baldwin Hills community for almost 60 years. We have contributed to the advancement of countless young men and women in our time and look forward to continuing our tradition in the many years to come.
We persevere by remembering the words of one our late founders: “our organization is united with the thought of the children first. And with parents and friends working together, anything in the realm of imagination is in the scope of possibility.” -Jim Ford
As always, “Baldwin or nothing.”